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We back exceptional founders in MENA


"We started Lean with the aim of enabling the next generation of financial innovation in the Middle East"

Hisham Al-Falih , Co-Founder & CEO

"Everyone has the right to get credit instantly"

Hussam Arab , Co-founder & CEO

“As the world is transforming, we gain a lot of speed as we offer our financial services digitally”

Dr. Mohammed Alhussein , Co-founder & CEO

"We enable e-commerce merchants to set up, maintain, and increase sales without fees or commissions"

Nawaf Hareeri , CEO

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We back exceptional founders in MENA
Why Raed Ventures?

A catalyst for growth in the MENA region

Investing in potential

We recognize potential when we see it, and we won’t hesitate to offer you our resources, funding and expertise so that your journey becomes a seamless transition

Strategic Partnerships

We help startups in building and executing their visions through collaborations with our portfolio companies and sister companies, leveraging their knowledge and expertise

Access to new markets

We open up doors for MENA startups and provide them with the opportunity to work in the Saudi & GCC markets

Access to RAEDPlus

RaedPlus is our new signature program that brings added value to our entrepreneurs, matching them with word-class experts, helping them recruit talents and granting them access to free services

Meet the team

Our team

Raed is passionate, driven and resilient. We greatly believe in the power of human potential


Omar Almajdouie

Founding Partner

Saed Nashef

Founding Partner

Talal Alasmari

Founding Partner

Wael Nafee

Wael Nafee


Yomna Abousamra

Senior Associate

Arsalan Yousuf

Head of Finance

Aashish Dhaawan

Head of Compliance and Risk

Uday Singh

Uday Singh


Naveed Ahmed

Naveed Ahmed

Finance Associate

Hussien Abdulgadir

Hussien Abdulgader

Business expert

Maha Adel

Executive Assistant

Mohammed Alzahrani

Mohammed Alzahrani

Financial Analyst

Raed Ventures

Seth Levine


Abdullah Elyas

Abdulla Elyas


Tino Waked

Tino Waked


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