Melltoo is a UAE-based e-commerce marketplace that facilitates buying and selling second-hand items without the need for meetups. The Melltoo app is available for iPhones and Androids as well as the web. It provides a social networking environment where people build profiles and place pictures of the items they want to sell on the market. Then, other users can place their offers and negotiate the price accordingly. Melltoo now has more than 45000 items in its marketplace.


The application was envisioned and founded by the UAE residents Morrad Irsane and Sharene Lee when the husband and wife tried to purchase a second-hand car in January 2013. The stress and frustration of the experience led them to build an application that can allow residents in the UAE to buy and sell cars, electronics, and household items easily using their mobile phones.
They launched Melltoo in March 2013. They wanted to build a platform that can allow instant and real-time messaging between the potential buyers and the sellers. The application also secures the privacy and the information of the users, as they can only be contacted through the in-app messaging system. The site’s blog also provides advice from the market experts on how to conduct sales easily. The algorithms arrange the items on the site’s homepage based on their proximity to each user.
The company has received two funding rounds. The seed round in March 2015 raised 200 thousand dollars. The investors were Dubai Silicon Oasis, WOMENA, David Pirrie and Turn8. The venture round in January 2017 was lead by Raed VC, in participation with Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP) and Nomadic Capital with one million dollars. The total funding amount for both rounds was 1.2 million dollars.


  • The marketplace is available for iPhones, Androids, and a web-based social networking environment.
  • The contact details of the sellers are kept private until they are contacted using the in-app messages.
  • Melltoo provides free support and advice through the site’s blog on how to conduct and promote their sales.
  • The home page allows a potential buyer to see the items in order of proximity.
  • Engagement features are present in the application, such as the “Like”, “Comments” and “Chat” options.


Morrad Irsane CEO Co-Founder

Sharene Lee Co-Founder


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