Eventtus is a digital event engagement booster app that has helped thousands of event planners connect the dots towards enhancing their event experiences around the world. It is the official event app for leading industry events like Step Conference, Web Summit, Arab Net, Dubai Lynx, RiseUp Summit, Startup Grind Global, and many more. You can publish online agendas, start up conversations, survey attendees, gather data, host digital Q&A sessions, sell online tickets, and generally evolve the whole event experience with Eventtus.

For attendees, Eventtus is their digital event assistant app at their favorite conferences, exhibitions, and events. It includes sets of fully-integrated features covering event information, networking, participation, as well as an online ticketing platform. By logging in to the event app, users are instantly connected with the organizers, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and other people attending the event. It’s the best networking ice-breaker to start a meaningful conversation and digitally exchange contact details.


Mai and Nihal have been friends for over a decade, classmates in college and partners on most university projects. Mai Medhat and co-founder Nihal Fares always dreamt of building something together and running a business. They used to attend events and exhibitions and they always felt that there is a gap. This hit them more clearly in the case of events in the entrepreneurship space (where most attendees aim to network with one another and make business connections). They faced difficulties recognizing delegates and connecting with them. This was when they understood that there was a problem there that technology could address.

Deciding that the issue merited their full-time focus, they quit their jobs as software engineers and started Eventtus in 2012. They started by developing a basic web version as a concept that they could validate with event organizers.


  • Provides interactive communities where attendees become involved in their events.
  • Attendees can like and comment on each session with the ability to rate sessions
  • Easy to use for both organizers and attendees.



Mai Medhat Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nihal Fares Co-founder and Chief Product Officer