Tamatem is a Jordanian mobile game developer and publisher that localizes global games for Arabic speakers on Android and iOs. The company also develops its own games for the MENA market. It has published more than 40 games, which include car racing, strategy, and puzzle games. Tamatem games have attracted more than 4 million active monthly users. Most of the games are free and Tamatem obtains revenue from its in-app purchases and advertising.


The company was founded by Hussam Hammo in 2013. Hussam grew a passion for web design from an early age and chose to major in computer science at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology in Jordan. After his graduation, Hammo worked in Maktoob, a Jordanian online services company. He found that the app stores were lacking Arabic-based content and founded a company called Wizards, which focused on web browser games. The company folded after several problems in 2012. Hussam went on to found Tamatem in 2013, to develop in-house games with the Arab world as the main target market. Tamatem developed games such as “Shake the Metal” which reached more than five million downloads. However, they also realized that they can choose global games that already proved successful, and partner with global game developers to localize their games for the local MENA market. Tamatem found that game publishing was faster and usually cheaper than creating them in-house. The process of game localization could take them as little as two weeks.
Tamatem raised a series of seed funding rounds, with a total funding amount of $1.2 million, from investors such as 500 Startups, Oasis500, Arzan Venture Capital, MENA Venture Investments, and Kima Ventures. The company is currently raising money in a Series A funding round.


  • Localization: makes games culturally relevant in the Arab world through translation, regional references, and adding local themes.
  • Monetization: advising on pricing and app advertisements to increase revenue, as smartphone access in the Arab world is estimated to exceed 327 million by 2020.
  • Analytics and marketing: marketing the game with the aim of reaching millions of users using the successful Tamatem strategies.
  • Support: To keep up with your game stats and numbers, we provide constant advice and reports about user experience and feedback.


Hussam Hammo, the company’s founder, and CEO