Social Dice


The recruiting pain was realized back when Saed needed to urgently fill a technical position at his previous company. The job requisition was placed on several job portals and social media outlets such as Facebook and Linkedin. Within several days his email box was flooded with hundreds of CVs. Within several weeks he had thousands of CVs to check. This is great only if Saed can quickly drill down to the relevant candidates. With pressure mounting from management, he and his recruiting team were losing valuable time joggling emails and job portal accounts, filtering CVs (of which the majority lacked relevant experience), contacting candidates, and conducting interviews only to find out that only a handful really fit the job.


A SaaS product that enables employers to maximize their reach out for suitable talent through different networks with the opportunity to write their job and advertise to multiple job sites like LinkedIn, Bayt, and Monster with a few clicks.


  • The only job site in the region that provides an automated platform for hirers to engage with job seekers across a multitude of platforms.
  • The SME recruiters specifically have very unstructured recruitment process and their reach to multiple platforms is limited for job searches – Social Dice’s focus segment.
  • Efficient use of technology to identify the right talent for companies – use of AI for ranking of candidates, technology to rank candidates fitment to job listing etc.
  • Sequential growth in acquisition of customers and jobs listed as well as expansion in regional sites.
  • Significant benefits perceived by clients of SocialDice in terms of shortening of the time in hiring the right candidate.


Saed Shela Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Nael Ramadan Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer